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A Sequined Life - Mantra

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Danielle of A Sequined Life is our Guest Blogger

Finding fun in every day. Follow her Boston + Lifestyle blog at where there is a little bit of everything, and lot of Fun. Fashion. Food. Flowers. Frolicking.

Ask. My Mantra for the Year

I set an intention, a motto, a mantra for myself this year: Ask. It sounds so basic, but how often are we afraid to just put out exactly what we want into the universe?

Inherently, it’s natural to want to avoid rejection or an awkward situation– but what if all that’s holding you back is not speaking up?

Much like a year of yes, or a year of saying no, or any other type ‘experiment’, it thrusts you outside of your comfort zone.

I have to say, by and large, asking is working out well for me. As this little blog and Instagram grows, I have learned to ask for what my time and work is worth, to ask to partner with brands and companies and individuals that I’m interested in and to ask if something I want is a possibility. While it’s not all been a resounding yes, guess what? I haven’t been struck down by lighting. No one has been rude to me. I live to tell about it!

So I hope you will send a mantra for yourself, and I hope I have encouraged even one of you to ASK for something you’re hoping for, knowing that opportunity lies on the other side.

Top (c/o): Femme Boutique Boston (in blue), Jacket: Old Navy (past season), Necklace (c/o): BaubleBar, Sunnies (c/o): Primark, Lips: ColourPop Cosmetics in ‘Toucan’ (sadly discontinued!)

Photos by Kristy

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