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Look Fresh When The Night’s On Fire

The weather this summer has been totally uncalled for.  With temperatures in the 90s with 100% humidity, how are you supposed to enjoy one of the last weeks of summer?  Here are some tips to stay looking fresh even when the night is literally on fire.

1. If you’re the kind of girl who’s wardrobe consists of mostly black clothing (including this Night Out Dress from Femme Boutique Boston), you know how difficult it can be to keep your deodorant off of your clothes in this heat. Pantyhose.

2. Oil Remover papers will help keep the shine away and so will translucent powders.

3. Using tinted moisturizers or a BB cream with SPF instead of a full face of cream foundation.

4. Keep hair from frizzing out with conditioner and serum...frizz eaze. 

5. Small purse fan...they usually don’t provide that much cool air, but at least you can you’re your hair blowing like Beyonce in your selfies.


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