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On the Road with Femme ~ Europe

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Marissa of One CraftDIY Girl is our Guest Blogger.

Marissa recently had the divine pleasure of taking her first Euro-trip. She travelled around the beautiful Mediterranean. She is sharing 5 things that made capturing her travels easier including packing with Femme Boutique Boston!

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A camera you are comfortable using

Whether you have invested in a DSLR or you use your iPhone camera, make sure that you are comfortable using that camera you brought. If you do buy a new camera, make sure to test it out before boarding.

Wifi adapter

My tech savvy boyfriend bought me a wifi adapter for my nikon camera & it’s probably my favorite thing EVER. it transfers your beautiful images to your phone without needing wifi or service – allowing you to easily edit or share your images. – This feature may be built into your camera or are camera specific. Mine is a Nikon wu adapter*

Two lenses you are confident using

I travel with my 50 mm portrait lens, which is my all time favorite. As well as a wide angle 18-70mm kit lens to help capture more landscape images. I find a combination of a two lens will give you the freedom to capture the shot you desire as well as limit you to a collection that easily fits in your carry on.

Phone or wifi enabled device, helps of course with an international SIM card

This one is an easy one. However, when I went abroad I didn’t quite get the “get a international SIM card memo”. Luckily, my boyfriend did and we were easily able to navigate our trips with google maps ( a true life saver)

An external charger

iLeash no more. We brought a charger to easily boost up our iPhones so we wouldn’t get lost without access to google maps. 

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