On the Road with Femme ~ Where to stay in Rockland, Maine

Marissa of One CraftDIY Girl is our Guest Blogger.

She's a New English clothing collector & DIY blogger of www.onecrafdiygirl.com. In chronicling her passion to explore the Eastern seaboard, Femme had the pleasure of traveling with Marissa to Rockland, Maine. Read her post here.

As we all grow older we start to value time, or the lack of it. Every season I have a mental list a mile long of all the wonderful and exciting things I’m going to do. However, completing a just a few items can be daunting with the bustle of life, especially when you are trying to coordinate with others.

Recently, I have the pleasure of a mid-week getaway to Rockland, Maine. I’d only been so far as Kennebunkport in the past and was excited to see what this beautiful mid-coast town had to say. Though the weather wasn’t quite as charming as the town, I was able to wander the main drag and find little treasures and delicious eats (see Main Street Market for the most delightful sandwich).


The Lindsey Hotel, tucked down a side street right next to the main street, provides a private and charming hideaway. If the robin’s egg door doesn’t give you the brightest greeting on the way in, then it definitely will be the new innkeeper, or her daughter (who is the real life Eloise). Joanna, the inn keeper, has a culinary palate and creates all the breakfasts and mid-afternoon treats herself. You can often find her in the kitchen open to a chat while piping Dutch potatoes that can’t help you from exclaiming “what ARE you making?”. (insert internal shrill, gleeful cry when you discover it’s actually your breakfast).


Once you are welcomed with snack in hand, you realize the entirety of the estate has the nautical cohesion of a Coastal Living spread. The main space boasts a cozy fireplace and a family friendly library with everything from vintage National Geographic to Cards against Humanity. While it was a dreary day, in the summertime the main room opens to a beautiful patio, creating a refuge for travelers.

Next as you travel up to your room, you can’t help but feel a little bit like you are at grow up summer camp. As your suitcase rides lightly up the rope trimmed stairs you feel so welcomed, you think “I can’t wait to meet all my new friends”. Every room at the Lindsey is unique, filled with light, and invites leisure. As I slipped into my bed that night i couldn’t help but smirk at all the good dreams I was about it have.

 Dress: Darling Shift $49.00

Thank you to the wonderful inn keeper and her daughter for inviting me to a place so beautiful I felt like I was sleeping in a catalogue, yet so welcomed I felt like I was staying at a friend’s. For family or friends, I would definitely recommend The Lindsey Hotel

Thank you The Lindsey Hotel for welcoming me for a stay at your hotel c/o, all opinions my own.

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