I Woke Up Like Dis

Hi There #FemmeFans!

As we descend into the seasonal shift, yes, I am going to say it - Fall, many of us feel as if we are starting anew. Which is so exciting!

Though summer is always fleeting, and we can't seem to get enough of it, there's not much better than the crisp smell of the fall air coming our way here in New England. I get a little excited to see the fall decor in CVS, dust off my booties and chunky sweaters, and plan my apple picking trip for mid September. 

Now always seems like the time when I get a pep back in my step, get back into the routine, set some new goals and buy a fresh planner. 

Three beauty things I have been obsessing over during this fall transitions:

1. Natural skincare and products - I don't mean the "natural-I-have-makeup-on-but-doesn't-seem-like-it" look. I mean actual clean, organic, natural derived products. Have you ever taken a look at the ingredients of your skincare products? If you have, you probably can't pronounce most ingredients on the box. And that's a huge problem. Be just as conscious of what you put on your skin (largest organ of the body) as you are with what you eat.

2. Coconut oil make-up remover - You can't get any more natural than legit coconut oil. Did you know you can use this as makeup remover? Tab a tissue into the jar, rub it over your skin, and rinse with warm water. You will notice your skin glowing and so soft afterward.

3. Alicia Keys taking a stand on no-make up - I understand the no-makeup isn't right for all of us. But there's something about a celebrity flaunting her beautiful skin simply the way it is. All I want to know is... what is her skin regimen, because she looks flawless. #fire

    Transitions and change are not always easy. Whether it is packing away your bikini or trying a more natural approach to your skincare routine. One thing you can count on, if you practice a great skincare routine, you will sooner than later feel confident enough to leave the house saying "i woke up like dis."

    So long sweet summer, until we meet again (maybe on a warm and sunny vacation to the Caribbean).


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